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new layout

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yeah yeah.... it's been 6 months. i've gotten hosting for my domain.... soon i'll switch all the way over and fuzzdecay.com will be completely separate from vinylstar.net. and i'll be able to host my own babies. anyone want hosting?

i LOVE the new layout. i've made something that i can entertain myself with for hours. for a day or two continue going to www.vinylstar.net/fuzzdecay. when that's gone you'll know that i switched. 2 more weeks for classes... yay! then like 2 weeks off. i need to start finishing my projects for history of graphic design and typography.

even though i missed 2 straight weeks of history of graphic design, i'm not behind. yay! i have b or above in all my classes.... yay! i'm about to be out of "typography: class of doom"... double fucking yay!

*happy dance*

it's starting to storm.... and warm up.... and become humid... it's a lot closer to what i'm used to. the walks to school are a bit more bearable.

i can't believe i'm almost 19. it so doesn't feel like i've had my nipples pierced that long. the passage of time sometimes mystifies the hell out of me. there are people online that i've known for 6 years now..... almost 7 and i still talk to them. i can't believe i've been sitting in front of a computer for hours a day for that long. i can't believe that i've been around for almost 1/5 of a century.

it seems like i've been living in atl longer than i have. i'm still forgetting things. it's so odd to live in one place for so long and know absolutely everything about it and then move and in 6 months forget so much.

i guess i don't need to remember anything except about the people i still talk to from there.... all like 3 of them. nothing really important ever happened there.
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