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shit has been hectic.

projects due left and right at school. car stuff needing to be done. i can't put on my wheels because i don't have proper lug nuts. >_<

i realize more and more that the end of the quarter is approaching.

oh, and that little problem i've been having with registration... the missing degree audit? the school has fucking erased me out of their system and i have to be manually put in by 12a wednesday so i can get my degree audit posted so i can get decent classes. how in the fuck to they just erase my school history??? o_O

so... i'm going to douglas next week. probably wednesday- saturday or sunday. and i don't believe i'll be drivng my car as we don't have the money to do the cv axles/brakes.

i so need the brakes done. i have to pull the emergency brake sometimes to stop.

i suppose it's a good thing that i'm a good driver.
Tags: ai is full of fuckheads, art school, car stuff, milkcarton!, visiting south georgia

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