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last night some cool shit happened.

shawn and i walked down the the underground parking, on our way to kroger, and we saw this little black fuzzy thing.

which turned out to be a catterpillar. in the middle of winter :)

we're guessing it got disturbed by the landscaping they're doing.

we at first thought it was poisonous, because it was fuzzy and haad red striped when it rolled up... but i later researched it and found out it's the caterpillar of the giant leopard moth.

he looks like this:

and when he grows up he'll look like this:

as a moth, he'll have a wing span of 3in and have a metallic blue body with orange stripes.

right now he's as big around as my thumb, and incredibly shiny and fuzzy.

we're feeding him bradford pear leaves.... he poos a lot. and it's huge. like i don't see how poo that big can come out of him o_O
Tags: boyfriends past and present, pets

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