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meh... i missed 4 days in my bullshit web design class... (hey! guess where i am right now) but i talked to the registrar's office and i have a 95% chance of getting my absences appealed. now, i just need to find out exactly what days i've been absent.

we don't have even half our rent money :\ i have until the 17th to pull about $750 out of my ass. i have ebay duty again.

i hope that by some odd twist of fate my refund has come in.

i'm seriously scared to drive my car. but we won't have the money to fix the brakes until mid december. :\ i realize this is a long shot... but if any of you are feeling generous, you could always drop a donation off. It's the email account i use for everything.

on to good things, on my trip home i got most of my xmas presents early, so i got shitloads of warm clothes just in time for the freeze my ass off cold weather. i also got the platinum extended edition of fellowship of the ring and the two towers. i've been having serious geek out time.

Aside from my whole "Grandma: uber bitch of doom" (see previous entry) time, i, dare i say it, actually kinda had fun in d. I hung out with April and Kevlet and Clara... I ate Danny's and broke a rubix cube. i visited tifton and finished watching elf. mom and i shopped in wayx. April stayed the night. my last night there april and i had ghetto thanksgiving after decorating the tree while watching lord of the rings.

i really miss having april around. a lot. sometimes i feel like i mother her... and it frustrates the hell out of me that she never listens to a god damn thing i say, but... i still love the fuck out of her. I hope shit works out for her.

While visiting kevin at paul's house, there was a rather unsavory character by the name of shane there. i have never before met such a chauvinistic bastard. i mean... jesus fucking christ man... you're a early twenties drunkard living in fucking westgreen which is little more than a stop light and a church, you have 4 kids and are covered in awful tattoos. you are not special.

oh... and shane.... having a huge catback does NOT increase horsepower. adding a new header will... but having a huge catback will do nothing but decrease backpressure, causing a decrease in horsepower.... of course, you won't listen to me because i don't have a penis, but i don't really give a fuck. you're wrong. fucking redneck ricer.

umm... /rant.
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