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Such · a · pretty · girl · Happy · in · an · ugly · place

it was warm today.... like in the 70s and sunny. i didn't have to…

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it was warm today.... like in the 70s and sunny. i didn't have to wear a jacket, or even my hat. it made me realize how pissy cold overcast days make me. maybe i have SAD. seeing myself in the sun today i realized how god damn white i am. i looked down at my arm and blinded myself. :(

when i got home the apt was (relatively) clean and the french doors and sliding glass doors were open. the sun was at just the right angle to shine in. made me realize how pretty the apt is. but it's getting dark now and i can hear all the cars driving by. the wind that's coming in is cold and i'm right by the french doors. think imma close them.

it's nice to be surrounded by green instead of orange and brown. i never was one for neutral colors.

i got an extension on my phone bill. if i don't get up the money by the 14th no more phone. instead of losing it on the 11th. what a bday present that would have been.

i want to decorate the apt and get rid of the boxes that are shoved behind the futon. but i don't wanna deal with trying to find room for all that stuff. the kitchen still isn't all unpacked yet. all the plastic bowls are in a big box on the counter.

i want to make cinnamon rolls from scratch. 3 hours to make them but god damn they're good.

i want to be off my period. i don't believe that needs an explanation.

i want to cuddle more. i haven't been getting my daily allowance or touching.

fuzzdecay.com is up..... having a bit of trouble getting the cam still to update fast enough.... but it's free so i'm not complaining. :) i still want hostees. i think it's an ego trip to have other people hosted at fuzzdecay.com.

i still have a bit of work to do on my site.... contact info and cam archive and art and maybe guestbook back.... maybe not. the guestbook is a moron magnet.

overall i am a happy alicia.
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