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would you love me if my head exploded?

i have a headache. a bad one, and like a dumbass i'm sitting in front of my computer still. it wouldn't be so bad if the windows i have open were black. but they're all bright and cheery, which would be good on any other day. my headache is killing my chances of doing any work today. i can't work in illustrator doing tedious typography bullshit when my head hurts bad enough to make the baby jesus cry.

i swear to fucking god on the last day i'm gonna jump up on a table and do a happy "i'm out of typography" dance and then come home and ritualistically burn that part of my notebook... or at least stomp on it and throw it in the recycling.

i'll be glad when and if i ever get into interesting classes.

the nipple i caught on the blanket has finally healed enough where i can tell how much damage has been done. the inside of the bar angles away from my body more than the inside of the other one. it's not too noticable though. i'm getting tired of having to baby that nipple. ah... the price i pay to have metal shoved through my skin.

speaking of modification.... i need the heart touched up and i still want a pisces symbol integrated in my koi. and i still want a tragus piercing. it occurs to me i should have done this when i still lived at home. i'll never have the money now. like, i want this stuff done but i remember how much that shit hurt. especially my foot. but i want them to be perfect. :)

my head hurts a lot less.... yay for excedrine migraine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: ai is full of fuckheads, art school, body modification, plague

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