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been looking at the weather.

we're so going to get freezing rain, of course on the days shawn works.

i can't believe i've been up here this long and haven't seen a god damned bit of snow yet.

i see now the folly in putting my puter desk near the french doors. the wonderful thing about windows is that they conduct cold like you wouldn't believe. so my left half is clammy and icy.

i look forward to being sick as fuck in the immediate future.

and FUCK YES! return of the king opens the 17th. who's going to spend about 12 hours watching lotr in chronological order on the 17th? alicia is. and who's not going to enjoy my geekout time? shawn.

oh shawn... you just wait. it will be 12 bittersweet hours of me lusting over legolas and aragorn.

my geekdom is too much for my little body to hold. XD
Tags: bitching about the weather, boyfriends past and present, geekery, plague

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