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i just had a conversation with a friend of mine about my degree program.

it occurs to me, that there are shitloads of people who have NO FUCKING IDEA what getting a degree in graphic design really is.

graphic design isn't just making pretty things. it's making pretty things in a strict construct. When i'm in class, i am not just drawing and fucking around in illustrator, i'm actually *gasp* learning things seemingly completely unrelated to art.

especially in production. Production revolves around light, no matter where you're taking your product, to web or press. your design has to reflect which it is going to, and this is more than just clicking RGB or CMYK on the new file window. it requires an understanding of light and how that effects color.

Sending something to press is an ordeal within itsself. From the conception of the idea, you're bombarded with formulas and graphs. what is the lpi for high quality new offset? to scale an image from 3X5 to7X9, what is the scaling percentage? what is the scanning resolution for that scaled image? how can i keep file size to a minimum without effecting the quality of the print? what are the highlight and shadow percentages for the specific press i'll be running this on so i can set my curves? do i have a duotone? is the black and spot color set at different angles? are the CMYK angles set properly? is the dot shape correct? Is the color managment set correctly? Do i have hairline registration? What should my trapping be? What is the RIP output resolution?

And the actual designing, you have to keep the elements and principles in mind at all times. Does this piece have a sense of emphasis? No? Is there any way i could manipluate the line, shap,e color, or texture to be able to? Does it have variety? Does it lack unity? Every color and line weight and shape has to be able to be concretely backed up. You can't just draw a purple earthworm because it's cute. it has to convey something.

Seriously, this shit is just tip of the iceberg. Have some fucking respect people. Design isn't the easy way out. It's an engaging discipline all unto itsself. It's acutally one of the most challenging things i've been exposed to, and definitely the most rewarding to me. Where else do you get to fuse art, psychology/sociology, and physics into one beautiful and perfect enduring thing?

Designers have a power over you that you will never know.
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