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that electronic prepress final bit my ass and chewed on it for a little bit.

wtf? there was shit on that test that i KNOW she didn't even mention in class. o_O

on the bright side, my bullshit html class's final was even easier that the midterm, and apparently i got my absences appealed, so i won't have to kill myself from boredom twice.

i STILL have no idea what to do for my project for my graphic symbolism class.

guess who's going to be getting fucked up the ass by kinkos tomorrow? argh....

shawn's asleep... it's quite odd... about this time i'm usually staring at the back of his head while he eats oatmeal and has his brain sucked out by the spf. not like i can say much....

i feel kinda shitty. like... just not quite right. really sleepy and feverish... but no nose problems or coughing... or even sneezing. it's really lame. if i'm going to get sick, i'd rather really get sick instead of having this lingering bullshit. :\

off to bed with me.
Tags: art school, boyfriends past and present, plague

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