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two more days of class.

a big sigh of relief.

today was eventful... in a mundane art school kind of way. which is sort of an oxymoron... there's always just bizarre shit happening at that school. i've just excepted it. like when you're on the interstate that has the lame bumpiness that's at the exact right rhythm to put your ass to sleep. like that, but in your brain.

so... imma let the suspense build slowly so you have to ponder just what this bizarre occurance could be.

gary, my graphic symbolism teacher, thinks i'm insane. i've known this for quite some time. he calls is "being in the green machine". the green machine actually demands an explanation unto itsself. ....see gary has this little scenario about color connotation. say, one day during your formative years... you were riding a green machine (if you dunno what this is google it) down the sidewalk in front of my green house, which has a nice plush green lawn... and a huge green cadilliac mows you over and you are hospitalized. now say, you grow up and are a graphic designer, and someone contracts you to do the movie poster for this new slasher flic... and you make it green, since you now have issues with green and associate it with violence and pain. no one else in the entire country associates green with violence... and hence, you are in what gary refers to as the "green machine".

There's actually a few kids in my class in the green machine, this large annoying german kid that i want to strangle half the time because he rambles on in critique about nothing and rips apart people's work when he produces nothing of quality himself and he's hoplessly stuck in the 80s and blurts out every dated slang term (such as "yowza!!") known to man, and this kid named sterling.... which happens to also be on livejournal (plug thesoul) now, you might remember sterling from my layout class of doom... or you might not... he's the kid that kept telling me to name my beer crab juice. but like, i've always throught he was pretty cool... and i'm not saying this because he's gonna read it.

but anyways... today we had to do these symbols that represented a process, such as heat transfer or transmission/reception, and he did this piece that i thought was hilarious. it was the bathroom symbols for girl and boy... with a bumpy arrow surrounded by little dots pointing to their no-no spots. of course, half of the class didn't get it because the right side of the class is a bunch of idiots.

anyways, we spent the break (kat, kelly, sterling, and i) at barn's and noble trying to pick out kat's brother something, and at the mall eating and talking and whatnot... and it was cool.

so... kelly and kat and i go back to the school for conceptual thinking, which is an awful lot like being back in kindergarten... and there's this kid in there (who's also in my html class) who is frightfully odd. He's the one that did the porkchop display cabinet and mentally unstable (steve?)'s rubber boot emporium.

we do presentations every week in this class, so dude walks up to the front of the room with a boombox, and shows his piece and then announces that he has written a song to accompany his logo. he turns on the boombox and hides behind the desk at the front of the room.

was followed was one of the funniest 2 min spans of time of my life.

i have asked him for a copy (which i will get thursday) and i will post this song. it was golden. i mean.... who writes an acoustic jingle to accompany a logo?

I really wanna hang out with this guy, because i think it'd be interesting, but he has this creepy vibe that keeps me away.

fuck... only 2 more days.
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