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was my last full day today.

i got that song from dude in my conceptual thinking class. kat, i got your copy as well. i'm gonna make an mp3 of that shit this weekend. probably tomorrow.

my refund came in, i am rich. w00t!

it's sad that all that money will go to car, and bills (and maybe some paint and a rat and paraphenalia !!!!!)

it's cold as fuck outside. like 30 degrees. my little hands can't take it.

i find it odd that when parts of you get cold, such as your nose, they start moving slower than the rest of your skin. if i was more than less than enthused about the bitter cold, i'd find that quite cool.

sometimes i want to chronicle the little things in my day that make me smile, but then i realize that no one would care. sometimes i feel all alone in my appreciation of the shadows from the blinds on a monitor, the way xmas lights seem to twinkle when on a tree in a breeze, the curvature of my nose in teh corner of my vision, the way if your nose is touching the surface of a still pool and there's something on the bottom, however many feet down, it still looks like it's gonna poke you in the eye, how sometimes if i look at a pattern and it fills my vision, it plays with my stereoscopic vision, and it'll focus in multiple places, the way a petal will peak out of its sepals in the early early spring, like someone peeking out from under a blanket, curious, but too cold to take action.

see? i bet like no one read that.
Tags: art school, bitching about the weather, car stuff, friends, milkcarton!, money, self exploration

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