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happy birfday to me

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here for the obligitory birthday update. today sucked.... had to wake up at 9am for school.... the printer at the school was being pissy... instead of printing 6 powerpoint slides to a page, of course it printed one on each page. now i have a phone book instead of 30 or so pages of history of graphic design notes.

imma use the $55.91 i got for my bday (lol gotta love the odd amount i got last night) plus any other bit of money i might get today, for a new cam. yay!

i remember last year my bday present to myself was getting the nipples pierced.... this year it was making a cake... wtf has happened to me? i went from hardcore to martha fucking stewart.

imma end things because shawn's done making my lamp and i'm hungry. :)
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hungry hungry
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On March 11th, 2003 07:40 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Merry B-day to you! I hope things get better with the luck you've been having. And get a good cam. Make sure it takes pictures well indoors.

-Kriss (remember me?)
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