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went to see lotr. i loved it.

a few things bothered me though:

why didn't gollum burst into flame when he hit the lava in mount doom???

why didn't they explain how frodo and sam suddenly got from their orc clothes to their hobbit clothes? it wouldn't have been too hard.

why didn't the end follow the book and have saruman and wormtongue take over the shire? i realize it would have added like 45 mins... but jesus fucking christ. they had already cut out seven chapters in just the fellowship of the ring. i want to know why no barrowrights?? why not tom bombadil? why no selling of bag end to the sacksville bagginses??? no crickhollow? NO MENTION OF THE ENTWIVES???!!!! no followup on aragorn and arwen? ...and why the fuck didn't bilbo know that the ring was destroyed at the end?


overall, the series is spectacular. eventhough it cut out much of the book, i understand that it was necessary, as most people don't give a shit about tom bombadil and the entwives. it did the book justice. i'm overjoyed that they didn't go cheesy with it.

jason, it was greatness. :)
Tags: friends, geekery

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