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i almost died tonight.

shawn was driving my wagon back from buying some closed shelves to keep my art supplies in.

we were going about 60 down the road of the way home looking at a car that was particularly nice (especially for an american car. american car design is seriously lacking). and we were coming up on a truck that was just stopped in the right lane, no emergency flashers on or anything.

i figured shawn was gonna stop, as he usually stops stopping after i would have.

he didn't.

i yelled "shawn!!!"

and all i could think was the fact that we were not even 100 ft from this car and my brakes don't work right. we bled them but haven't changed the rotors or replaced the master cyclinder yet. they stop but not very well. i just KNEW that we were gonna go barreling into the ass end of this truck. and we were gonna get seriously injured, and total my car.

my heart started getting arythmic and i went limp. it was like everything was going in slow motion, completely different from all my other wrecks, where things just happened in a flash and my tummy didn't feel right.

i have no idea how, but my brakes didn't fail.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, car stuff, geekery, milkcarton!

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