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an atheist's christmas story:

i in general can tolerate christian holidays. except easter. i fucking hate easter. but xmas really isn't that bad. it's severely commercialized, and hell, i get presents. even the chanting of "jesus is the reason for the season" and the bad xmas music i can avoid if i stay away from churches and only go to loud stores.

what i can't avoid is the lack of anything going on on xmas. the internet is dead all day, even worse than a sunday. and it's not like i can find solace in the television, unless i want to watch the same 5 movies they play EVERY YEAR. does anyone actually LIKE watching it's a wonderful life? most stores are closed. and when stores do open, it's a mad house of people trying to return presents that they didn't want.

traffic traffic traffic. the traffic has been awful all week. it's been like rushhour all hours of the day.

and shawn's parents have been demanding we spend time with them. well, shawn's mom and grandma. shawn's grandma is pulling the "i understand that it's your choice not to celebrate christmas...i'm just gonna cry" guilt trip. shawn's mom is like "please come over and have some spaghetti, we won't even mention christmas". it's like they can't fathom treating it like just another day.

argh. i want to get some work done on my car tomorrow. not put up with shawn's family trying to subtley steer us towards being happy about jesus.

and as long as i'm bitching about it, why are jewish chanukah songs so much more happy than the christian christmas songs? the only happy christmas songs are the ones that have nothing to do with christian beliefs. it's the ones about snowmen and santa and grandma's house. silent night is like the most depressing song ever.
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