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i gave the rats some dried angel hair pasta today, that was a big…

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i gave the rats some dried angel hair pasta today, that was a big hit.

i also cleaned out their tube hammock thing. it seems as though they've been stockpiling hard pieces of toast in there.

they ate copious amounts of peanut butter from my finger.

when jesus day is over tomorrow and more stores than just waffle house and walgreens are open i'm going to fetch them some nuts and yogurt.

we have a large 25 in monitor that we were gonna use as a tv over in their little corner. they like to hide behind it and behind their cage, and climb in the box i brought them home in. occasionally, they like to scale the cage briefly.

mostly though, they like to stay cooped up in the tunnel. they're complete lazy asses. i want to bond with them but it's hard to get them out of that damned tunnel. i never should have bought that thing.


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On December 28th, 2003 02:26 am (UTC), notadora commented:
Just think about it like this...they go in there because they feel comfortable and safe. Would you rather them be out where you could see them but have them be nervous and timid because they feel unprotected? Ok, so they're still somewhat nervous, but they're getting used to things. They'll get better...give the little dears some time. =]
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