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i walk around naked in my apt a lot. i'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone that knows me.

we usually keep the blinds on the french doors open during the day if we both happen to be awake. (see my cam for weird blind pattern pictures)

our french doors open onto our balcony, which faces the street. across the street is a hill where the entrance to another apt complex is.

i know that for a fact you can see in here if the blinds are open and the lights are on (we rarely ever turn the lights on though)

i know the potentional is there, but i don't know if anyone actually looks into our apt. there's nothing special looking about it at first glance. it looks like every other apt facing the road. (we're not allowed to decorate our balconies or anything)

but i still wonder how many people have seen my boobies while walking/driving down the road.
Tags: self exploration

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