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rat entry: first off, old broccoli smells like a stale fart. and by…

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rat entry:

first off, old broccoli smells like a stale fart. and by old broccoli, i don't mean a day old, i mean like 2 hours old. it's fucking disgusting.

my rats are addicted to almonds. i give them to them whole so they can wear down their teeth a bit until i can afford rat paraphenalia. i put some spare carpet down on the 2nd level of their cage. they seem to like it. i'm sure it's nice and cushiony to their cute little ratty feet.

they've been extremely lazy lately. like, barely moving lazy. i figure they just go apeshit when we're asleep and we don't see it.

i made them a little treat pinata out of 3 yogurt drops and 2 almonds (shelled) and twisted it up in a piece of toilet paper and hung it from the top of the cage. well, i tried to hang it from the top of the cage. on the first attempt, skibbles grabbed it and we had tug of war until she was hanging outside of the cage with her back legs on the door. on the second attempt, baily climbed up my arm to get out and skibbles attacked it after i had threaded the string through the bars. that time skibbles actually nabbed something other than a mouthful of toilet paper. for the past 5 mins or so baily has been desperately trying to figure out how to get the goodies.

they seem to be more scared of me today. i have no idea why. but, baily comes out more often than skibbles, and now baily is more sociable. the exact opposite of how they were in the rat lady's house.

argh... and i let baily out and she shat in the corner behind the 27" monitor. so i can't get to it because that shit is heavy. they have never shit outside their cage before. i just don't understand. is their carefresh not good enough for their poo?
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