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winter break is drawing to a close.

my classmates are aiming me, some dismayed, some happy to be going back.

i have yet to decide which i am.

i have to make a decision this quarter. to get an internship, or to start looking for a college to get my masters at. i realize that if i don't go straight through my schooling, i might never finish. but part of me wants to hurry up and get a job. i believe that's the part that's dismayed with my current financial situation.

i realize that getting my masters will most probably take me away from atlanta, from georgia in general. i wonder what will happen to me and shawn. he's never lived outside of ga. and i feel wrong just asking him to pack up and move for me. although i know he probably will. i don't want him to feel pressured into moving and then regretting it later and resenting me for it.

and you know, i really like atlanta. i love the atmosphere of this city. it's urban, but it's so green. there's just shitloads of landscaping. i don't think i could live in a city that's mostly cement and asphalt. but, i'm willing to move wherever i need to to get my schooling done and become successful.

i dont' know what i'll do if i end up not being successful. there is no room in my plan for lack of success. i realize that i'm talented and i have a tendency to excel in everything i do, so i'm not too terribly worried about it.

just worried about the next step.
Tags: art school, becoming an adult, boyfriends past and present, money

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