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so.... i'm stuck in webdesign class. we're making screenshots are…

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so.... i'm stuck in webdesign class. we're making screenshots are different resolutions.

i'm seriously just like o_O

kat seems to be furiously taking notes. whether she actually is, or not and whether she's just doing it to stay awake or not, i have no idea.

i seem to have retards in all of my classes that have to ask barely related questions and just drag the fucking class on and on and on.

kelly just pats my thigh and is like "alicia, i can see the veins in your forehead... just calm down." and i'm just like "ARGH!!!!!!!!"

so... we're going over the title tag right now.
...the fucking title tag. i just wanna go up there and be like "fuzzdecay.com bitch... pass me now". seriously, the page is liquid and everything.

i feel like i'm wasting my money, studying things that i already know. i think it averages out to $120 a class... to learn shit i already know.

i am incredibly bored and i'm stuck here until like 10. feel free to comment or email... you know... to keep me entertained.

and i'm so so sleepy. :\ i shouldn't have stayed up so late.
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On January 15th, 2004 05:03 pm (UTC), equusk commented:
I am NOT taking notes. I'm writing part of a story I want to pen later. Toodles.
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