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sandy butt :)

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i just got back from the beach with shawn. it rained the entire time we were there so we ran around the beach all night in the rain chasing crabs and looking at old pretty houses. i had |--------------------------------------------------| much fun. there were these huge ass dead horseshoe crabs on the beach. they were adorable. i wish they hadn't have been dead. i had never been so cold and wet and sandy as i have been in my entire life. it was so great though. i didn't wanna leave. i wanna live on a beach one day. i move in 4 days. fuck. only 4 days. i want it to pass quickly but i want that week before i start school to be as long as possible. i've been craving cupcakes for fucking 2 weeks and haven't gotten any yet. grr. it's not fun waiting on the phone to ring.
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