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every week i drink a gallon and a half of milk, all by myself. shawn doesn't drink anything but rice milk (ew).

that is 78 gallons of milk a year. and that's not even including the obscene amount of cheese and my beloved pints of ben and jerry's. mmm... pistachio pistachio....

i believe i am single handedly keeping the dairy industry in business.

i finally cleaned out my notebook today... it was still stuffed with stuff from last quarter. it was like 2 inches thick. half of the stuff (the stuff from the beginning half of the quarter) had holes punched in it and was actually between the dividers. the other half of the stuff was thrown into the front pocket, and some stuffed within the stack of paper in the back of it. i think i have half a tree's worth of paper to recycle now.

i am like anti organization. i have to do things to force me to stay organized and even then, it doesn't really work too well. i work best when spread out. wherever i am there're pens and pencils and paper and shit just everywhere. if i'm at home, there are also glasses and 20 ounce bottles and empty boxes of crackers and shit.

i realize that this gets nasty, and i occasionally clean up after myself. after a day or two, all the food paraphenalia will make its way to the kitchen. and about for times i year i'll completely clean out/off my desk and start again. this is how i am.... i'm not gonna change.

i can only imagine what my office will be like when i get a job.

i take better care of my puter than i do my apt. i keep it cleaned out and all the files in their respective folders. i even defrag on a regular basis *coughtimcough*.

maintainence on the apt in minimal. it gets mopped 3 times a year, vaccumed every 2-3 months. the kitchen is cleaned thoroughly once a quater or so. but god dammit if the windows and mirrors aren't fucking spotless at all times. i'm extremely anal about glass being clean.

it sounds like i live in a sty.... but shit just doesn't get that dirty with only two people, some fish, and 2 rats around. it's not like we have little demon children running around to projectile vomit on the walls and shit *shudder*.

oh! the caterpillar is finally building its cocoon! it's so weird. i'm glad that he actually stopped eating because of this and not because he was miserable and wasting away.

...and i found out today that it's not a good thing to be naked around the rats. i had just gotten out of the tub and let them out because they were doing their adorable "crawl on the sides of the cage until alicia lets me out" thing and i sat there and watched them because they're sneaky little bastards. baily came up to me, climbed on my leg and then proceeded to snuffle the ball on the end of my nipple piercing. i chased her away and was like o_O

only later did i think about the fact that, had i have taken a picture, i probably could have sold it to some weird rat beastiality website for some change.

i think imma have to watch out for baily, first she snuffled my toes and now she's after my boobies.... i told her there would be no kinky lesbian rat lovin, but now i'm all paranoid that imma wake up to a rat humping my foot or something o_O

yep.... that was pretty random.
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