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Such · a · pretty · girl · Happy · in · an · ugly · place

i'm just afraid of losing and i am afraid of dying

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i worry too damn much. i can't sleep. all this worry and insomnia over the lack of one word. :( i don't like shawn driving back sleepy. i dunno why he hasn't called, nor why i can't call him. i suppose maybe his phone died, i hope. i'm being such a fucking girl. staring at the phone hoping some strange unlooked for psychic powers will kick in doesn't help. i can't sit up all day waiting on him to call because i have to drive to douglas later, but i can't sleep because i'm a dumbass. i'm sure everything's okay. if only i could convince my tummy as well. i have that weird fluttering "omg something's wrong" feeling and it won't go away. i'm retarded. just ignore me.
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worried worried
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Jack Off Jill - Fear Of Dying
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