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just some stuff i thought about while i was bathing.

i tend to take baths, and i prefer them lying on my stomach. with my face just inches from the water, so i can feel the heat on my face. i'll generally stare at the bottom of the tub a bit before dunking my head under.

something about being submerged in water brings me peace. it used to be when i had a migraine, i would run the hottest water i cold tolerate and curl up in teh fetal position in it.

when i go swimming, i tend to just sit on the bottom of the pool and look up, at all the people's legs, at the sky. you can watch the clouds move through the rippling of the water. all the screaming kids are muffled.

all you can hear is the sound of your heart slowing down and the ringing of the bubbles escaping you.

it's truly a beautiful feeling for me... because at that point... i think of nothing. all those thoughts bubbling up in my head take a break for a while.

i tend to only do this about once a week when i wash my hair. yes, i only wash my hair about once a week, and no, i don't care how nasty you think that is.

my hair goes through phases... and it happens to look best right before i wash it.

i have the phase right after my bath, where my hair smells like peaches... and this lasts until i have to go out in public.

then comes the phase where my hair smells like coconut because i have to style it to go out (if it's not so cold that i'm wearing my kitty ears hat).

i style my hair once (which is basically put wax on hands, fuck up my hair, fight it back down, and go.... takes about 2 mins) and then i just wear it... because my hair pretty much stays in the same place. every so often i'll have to fluff out a part that i had slept on wrong.

then there's the phase where my hair just smells like dirty hair.... this lasts the longest. i really don't care that it smells dirty.... because no one smells my hair and it looks pretty cool.

eventually i just know that i have to wash it because it's getting gross. which takes 7-9 days.

i fucking love my hair. <3
Tags: girlyness, self exploration

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