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today has been the worst day EVAR

first off, i want to fucking kill by print pro teacher. she's such a self-rightous cunt. i wish there was ANYOTHER person that taught adv print pro.

i plan on ranting in aia_students later. oh what a rant it shall be. i'm fucking super pissed. i had to leave the class and go on a rage ride. argh!

the money hit my account today. so rent will be paid tomorrow. yay!

and i had to go get new bedding for the rats. and while i was at the petstore i found the coolest thing ever....

a fish with a spot right before its tail that looks like a mickey mouse head!!! XD

it's adorable... so i sprung the $2 and now i have a new fishy :)
Tags: ai is full of fuckheads, apt, art school, money, pets

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