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my day today: got a money order, and paid rent. had a small…

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my day today:

got a money order, and paid rent. had a small conversation with the community manager. i ♥ her. she's one of the main reason i love the fuck out of this complex.

i went to try to get my refund.... but the accounting office was closed. so i showed shawn the sexy g5 lab. he wasn't impressed. :\

everyone should bow before the majesty which is the macintosh g5 workstation.

so i went to the store and bought some personal grooming products... FINALLY. i got peachy deoderant and peachy conditioner and more shampoo and new razors.

i have been shaving with the same dull ass razor for 4+ months now because i couldn't afford new razors.

you can't imagine how fucking ecstatic i am!

oh! and i got new hair dye so i'll have red hair again!!!!!!!!!1

and i got home and installed the passenger mirror and the rear mud flaps on my car.... so when i put on the new wheels, i'll drive it to a nice spot and take pictures of it.

it's actually kinda fun fixing a car yourself. :)

so although some parts of today are gonna suck, at least it hasn't been all bad.
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