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new wheels on the car.

i went from 13" to 15". photos are definitely coming. i'm happy with my work. (i did it all by myself) :D

the passenger rear wheel cylinder is leaking, but it's the only one that is. i think my rotors are slightly warped, though because my car shakes so badly when i'm braking at high speeds, although i can't really feel any waviness. shawn tried to feel and just got greasy ass finger prints on the rotors so now when i put on brakes it smells like burned ass.

so it's gonna be like $70 to fix the brakes, plus whatever someone will charge to bleed them. i'll bleed them just enough to drive it somewhere to get it really bled. bleeding the brakes, i've found, sucks much ass.

then all i need to do is change the cv axles and buy struts and put them and the new springs on.

i think i need to buy new springs. my car is seriously fucking high off the ground now. it's like driving a baby suv and that's entirely uncool. lol so imma be a bit of a ricer and lower it, probably.

although, i'm not ANY fucking closer to a vital fix to my car, it's nice that SOMETHING has been done.

i think tomorrow is the driver's regulator and the rear driver's side doorhandle.

....can't wait to get money. :)
Tags: car stuff, milkcarton!

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