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i fixed that odd spacing problem on my page. damn flash and it's retarded html rendering. how can something manage to fuck up html 1.0??????????

it's pretty though. :)

i went to nonuglies last night because someone had it listed in their lj and i was morbidly curious. i dont' get how such not attractive people can bash people for having the same faults they themselves have. funny what insecurity can make people do. i was thinking about posting there just to see how bad they'd bash me... but i don't want to feed that circle jerk.

i get enough ego boosting from camwhores. "you're hot! lemme see some boobles!!!!"

i don't get what's so exciting about nipples.... everyone has them.... they're just different sizes and different degrees of hairyness.

mmmm.... black cherry koolaid.

LMAO!!!! my mom bitched out dolsen for smoking today. i luff my mom. :D

smoking=teh nasty.

shawn's making me watch scat. :((((((((((((

wtf is up with japanese people???!?!??!?!???!

that's the last time i look when shawn's like "check this out"
Tags: boyfriends past and present, family, friends, geekery

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