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...i went completely insane right before mm115 tonight. seriously,…

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...i went completely insane right before mm115 tonight.

seriously, just bat shit insane.

i molested the ethernet port on my ibook with my shoelace... while screaming "take it bitch@!!!!!! take it all!!!!!! you saucy little ethernet port!! i'll teach you to tease me!!!!!"


i really need to sleep more than 3 fucking hours when i need to be sane until 10.

edit: i didn't even mention my 10 minute rant about accessibility issues for websites.

i was like "why the fuck would blind people need a computer??? you know... they should just be left behind!! that's the problem with the world! we should just leave the less fortunate to die, then we wouldn't be so god damned overpopulated! there are all these 90 year old people hooked up to machines not doing shit adn we're TAKING CARE OF THEM! we should just let them die!!!"

i scared... like... everyone.

oh... and the shining hilight of the evening:

kat: there are these blind guys that click their tongues and navigate by echolocation

eric (drunk): like aborigines????
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On February 4th, 2004 01:20 pm (UTC), trigerhape commented:
so... did you ask the eithernet port if it was as good for it as it was for you??? :p

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