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i have officially now gotten kelly back for getting that damn song stuck in my head.

we listened to weezer today. w00t!

i also finally tasted sumatra coffee today. it's definitely a steamy hot orgasm in convenient paper cup form.

tim, the mm115 teacher, continuously fucks up his code. it's hilarious. everyone is all like "nononono!!! you left out the last ;!!!" and he's trying to spellcheck to make sure it's not a spelling error and i'm all like "come on! you can do it!!!"

i got to play with a little white pekingnese today. ♥ i really miss poochy. :\ he was like the best dog ever. i'll never own a dog that's not a pekingnese. they're so cute and not dog-like.

since i had that huge ass cup of coffee i'm like wired. bouncy... and kinda spaced out. oh...the fun i shall have when i get home.

i actually left the ibook at home today, so i couldn't take its mic jack cherry. :\ darn! i know all of you were waiting on my report about how tight it was.

kat!!!! stop reading over my fucking shoulder!!!!

< adding space so kat can't read what i'm typing.... nosey ass >

yay!! i have buddy holly stuck in my head now!

i know people at school have to think i'm retarded because i sing to myself all the time and bob my head a lot.... and hum... and do little "i'm to scared to dance" dances in my seat.

but, these little things are what make me who i am...

you know.... the downfall to having a large fluffy hat with kitty ears on it is that i'm the only one in the school with this hat... and therefore people recognize me. so people are constantly asking me what we have due in our classes... and i have no idea who these people are.

and it makes me feel bad, like i should know who they are even if they sit across the room from me and i never see them, because they obviously know me.

and also when i go out to places people stare at me funny and i get pissed off.... because i forget that i have cat ears on, and i'm sure that's not something the average person sees everyday.

i get shitloads of old women going "that hat is so adorable" and i just want to be like "eat my fuck old woman!!!" because i'm tired of being cute. i'm tired of people thinking i'm 16... i almost prefer the constant "0mg... sh0w m3h teh b00bers!!!!!" that i get online.

but, i realize i probably bring some of this upon myself... because i rarely put forth an effort to dress adult-ish. i like dressing up sometimes but i can barely be assed to do it.

and i haven't worn makeup in like 2 years. i kinda miss it sometimes. but like... my face has cleared up so nicely i'm scared to start clogging my pores up again.

i got my money today~!!!! so... rent and bills are paid. random.
Tags: art school, friends, geekery, girlyness, money, self exploration

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