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i'm pretty sure my next mm115 project is due this week.

i'm guessing it's tuesday, because that would give me the least time to actuallly get off my ass and do something. i have to design laid out, i just haven't coded it yet.

i'm a very bad girl.

meh... so i'm like dying to swim lately. i miss it like you wouldn't believe. damn you northerners with your fancy indoor pools! i wanna be able to rape my hair and eyes with chlorine too. :\

yes, swimming and climbing the stairs at school is the only exercise i get. i think that i move about 1/8th the amount i should. i am not ashamed of this. i like being sedentary.

it just kinda sucks because my metabolism is slowing down and i have to make a choice. do i want a small tummy, or do i want to continue my sordid love affair with ben and jerry's?

so, i suppose it all comes down to: are you guys gonna love me when i get fat? because right now it looks as if that's what's gonna happen unless for some strange reason, exercise becomes the most fun thing in the world for me.

so i'm wake at 7am on a monday. i get to pay rent today (must be done before 4) and i have a class from 6-10. so i'm not sure where sleep is going to figure into all this. i know if i go to bed now, i'll be asleep until midway through my night class.

i could stay up all day and go to sleep early tonight.... but where's the fun in that?

god dammit! every time i get my sleep straightened out i do something that's just gonna fuck it up again!

so i'm sitting here... a bit fidgity... totally hyper... not sleepy in the least bit. by the time my bank opens, i know i'll be half dead. but i know if i force myself to sleep, at 2 i just won't wake up.

you know.... it's 7:30 and the sun isn't out yet? how bizarre is that? i haven't actually watched a sunrise or sunset since the summer before last. kinda sad.

i really miss the beach. *sigh*

the only indication i have of the passage of time outside on the weekends is when sunlight starts to come through the gaps in the blinds. the blinds are rarely ever open... because one of us is always sleeping during the day.

it's kinda depressing, how the apt is lit only with incandescent light and the weird blue monitor glow. i wish i had more windows.... although i'm scared shitless of uncovered windows at night. real sunlight doesn't make everything look drab and yellow.

argh... i just want this quarter to be over. i need a break. i need to get away.
Tags: apt, art school, boyfriends past and present, girlyness, money, self exploration

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