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i actually went out today for a reason that didn't directly involve school. *gasp*

the sun was warm, the music was good, and the road was clear. it was shiny goodness.

it makes me wish that i could be assed to put on clothes during the weekend and actually get out of the apt.

i wore my sandals today for the first time since november. i've decided that it's now warm enough to wear them on a regular basis. now my toes will be cold, but the sandals make me happy. they make me think of warm wet sand squished between my toes and pleasant nights in my special place looking at the stars, hearing the wind rustle in the trees and the water in the pond ripple.

i really miss that little place, on the hill, in the middle of the field, that encloses the pond. i think i miss it more than anything else about my hometown.

i'm incredibly sleepy. that 5 hours i got earlier did nothing but make me want it more.

and this new peach scented deoderant i have is just throwing me off. my armpits smell like popsicles and i keep wanting to eat them. :\ if only they tasted as good as they smell.....

so now i'm eating popsicles all the time.

argh... i have class soon and i don't wanna go.... :\
Tags: art school, bitching about the weather, girlyness, self exploration, wistful musings about the past

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