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so... i've decided that i'm going to build a teleportation device out of a paper clip, a roll of duct tape, and nutella. i'll keep you guys posted.

tim, the mm115 teacher, kicks so much ass. i <3 that class eventhough it's mindnumbingly boring. tim always goes on these rants... how retarded bush is. how u-scan booths at home depot is an awful idea. how blue text on a blue background makes him want to kill people. and my personal favorite: how porn sites are good examples of creative use of technology.

i believe i'll be taking this guy for the other web classes i have to take, if he teaches them. knowing my luck, he'll be another moyers. (moyers was the computer illustration teacher that sparked most of the designs in my cafe press store... fucking excellent teacher.)

i like meeting new people and catching them up. it makes my life seem a lot more interesting than what it is.

kat and i have a plan. a plan that we need a candian with a lot of stamps and time on their hands to help with. it's more of an experiment than a plan, really. you will get no more details. ....oh, so vague. you know you love it.

i keep having all these great ideas and lofty goals. and god dammit! i'm going to act on them before i get too old and people start calling me eccentric and throw me in a home. (this is part of my "i'm not gonna hold back the full assault of my insanity on random people anymore" thing) this is strangely liberating. not in a huge way.... just in a small way.
Tags: art school, friends, geekery, happy, self exploration

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