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oh nos!!!! it's "a day in the life of alicia" time!!!

i didn't sleep last night. this is becoming more and more of a common occurance.

so i go to kayanna's class spaced out. talk to kelly a bit. kelly and i walk around in from on the wormhole and there's a sign on the wall above a stack of blue things wrapped in anti-static bags, that says "free! take one!". there's a mountain of external zip drives just laying in the hallway. so, of course, i pick one up. i now have an external zip drive that i have no use for, because i already have an internal one.

i sucked ass today in advanced print production. i had no inspiration. ...oh well.

i also found out that our next test is going to be done in indesign :\ i really need to bust my ass on that.

kelly and i ate at mcdonald's today... and spent 20 minutes critiquing the poor gravure printing on the fry boxes. the registration was AWFUL! there was absolutely no trapping. mc donald's, you greatly disappoint me. i can't even fathom your blatant disregard for quality assurance. how can a printer show you these awful prints and you okay it!???!??!?!?

so... this conversation lead to another conversation. about design students in general. are other students as anal as us?? i spend so much of my time everyday thinking "that design is awful! That's too illustrative to be a logo! that text needs to be kerned!!! what awful registration! they should have used a sans-serif font"

do engineering students sit around and pick things apart like this? do physics students? do accounting students?

kelly and i then went to the pet shop to play with the animals. we palyed with the pomeranian that kelly is obsessed with. he was a bit too playful, and ended up jump/slipping into the floor and hitting his jaw. there was this awful cracking noise that bad my teeth hurt, and the dog cried. i have never heard such a big noise come out of such a small creature. the puppy didn't actually hurt itself badly. though. it just scared itself. so... we lost playing privledges with that puppy.

we picked up kat, we went to haverty's to sit on comfy chairs and try out mattresses. everytime i laid down, i felt like i was floating.

i chugged an entire 20oz bottle of sunkist in like 3 minutes. my tummy hated me for a bit. but i had to do it to be able to stay awake through mm115.

tim ended up going off on a rant about how we all need to vote. and shared with us a story of jury duty on a murder trial. ...he's so the best teacher ever.

i got out extremely early. and i'm still wired because i consumed half my weight in caffiene. much more to say... too jittery to write it.
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