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i just slept from like 1am to 6:30pm. i'll call myself well rested.

registration week is coming up... so i need every bit of that rest.

so, i figure that since we usually register at the 5th/6th week, and it was midterm this week that i should check the academic services website and see if they ever got my missing degree audit thing cleared up. (for those of you that don't remember, i can't register without a degree audit without actuallly having to go up to the school, which defeats the purpose of online registration).

let's recap winter quarter's registration fiasco, shall we?

i realize my degree audit isn't there, a week before my registration time. i talk to the registrar people. they say to wait a week and it might show up because they're working on the database at the main art institute in philly, or wherever it is... so the people in atlanta can't really do anythign about it.

day before i have to register i go back. my degree audit still isn't there. the registrar looks up my name. I HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY ERASED FROM THE SYSTEM. they pretty much just tell me "good luck!".

i found out that you can register without a degree audit, as long as you know someone that needs the same classes you do, and you don't take special classes. and i needed to take special classes. so i go up there to register for the special classes.

later on, the special class doesn't make, so i have to further fuck with my schedule. and i'm pissed because i made my entire schedule around that one class

this is what i refer to as a registration nightmare.

but guess what? they've had 4 months to deal with this shit and i'm still not in the system!

suck my dick, art institute.
Tags: ai is full of fuckheads, art school, inconsiderate fucktards

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