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last night: yesterday i was coerced into visting the neighborhood…

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last night:

yesterday i was coerced into visting the neighborhood mac store down in lenox. i wanted to go hump the g5s, and i had never been to a mac store. so i'm all excited.

i pack up with feachador, equusk, whisperindminor, and zandee69 (afterwords referred to as brian, kat, veronica, and alexis...this whole conning everyone into getting livejournals thing is definitely starting to have a downside) in alexis's swank ass new vehicle, and we head down to lenox square.

we get stuck in the toll booth on ga400 for like 10 fucking minutes. i'm guessing because some retard couldn't make change or something. we spend the time waving at random people that are actually getting to go through the toll booth. kat has some cellphone issues, she's convinced alexis's car has eaten it along with her seat belt.

we get to the mall (which is gay yuppiville) and head to the mac store.... the mac store is teh sex. it's full of sexy computers and cute computer geeks. we piddle around there as alexis tries to get her g4 fixed. they won't fix her g4. kat/brian actually log onto livejournal on the powerbook hooked to the airport station there. this makes me feel better about my lj addiction... because, fuck, i'm not THAT bad.

we go to the candy store, (this has a special signifigance, because the rest of the evening is full of sugar high goodness) and i con kat into buying gummy stuffs. (gummy coke bottles and worms for me... w00t!) kat and i wander off while the others were buying candy and we come across this tea place. this tea place has this INCREDIBLY yummy guy handing out free samples... now, i HATE tea, but kat and i sample all of it... and then run back to the candy store and get alexis and company, and then they sample all the tea... and then we hang out looking at all the tea paraphenalia and smelling all the canisters of tea.... all because kat and alexis and i are lusting after the hot tea guy.

we finally run out of reasons to stay at the tea shop, so we head over to the place with the tempurpedic mattress and the orgasm chairs... and just hang out for like an hour. there is this massage chair with a calf/foot massager built in that is quite possibly the best thing on earth. i have a new found love of foot massage now.

alexis moves to the massage chair in the front of the store, which quite handily faces the tea shop. so we all stand around playing with the fom pillows and staring at the tea boy, when brian apparently gets tired of our lusting from afar, so he runs to go talk to tea boy. kat runs after him, but he breaks away and actually makes it up there... so we all retreat farther into the store. alexis then remembers she forgot to buy her tea strainer.

yes! we have a reason to go back to the tea store! alexis ends up buying like half of the shit there as veronica and brian debate the floor tile, and we bask in the cuteness which is tea boy. (i realize at this point we're acting like lame prepubescent girls... but i don't care... it's been a while since i have gotten so close to eye candy)

we leave and walk down the hall and stop in the sleep number mattress store. this kicks SO much ass for me because i've been wondering wtf my sleep number is for ages. (i'm a 40!) we all pile on the beds and goof around, talking to jason, the guy running the store.

we hang out there for like an hour until jason gets antsy because he needed a cig break. i think we scared him.

then we go to the alpaca store. the alpaca store is quite possibly the best store on earth! everything in there (expect the floor) is covered in fluffy alpaca fur! i touched EVERYTHING!

then we hung out in crate and barrel and discussed good furniture design and sat around.

then it was the discovery store. then we turned the corner and i'm like WTF!???!??! because the mall completely changes, and i see two more levels that i had no idea existed.

we end up in urban outfitters looking at books. i saw the book of bunny suicides!!!!!! and a popup kama sutra... and the 50 things you're not supposed to know book.... omfg... it was great.

the mall started to close then... so we went to mc donalds and bought $10 worth of fries and ate out by the playplace. we were gonna play... but when brian climbed in, the lady came out and yelled at him... se we ended up going to a playground and swinging and playing.

my night ended there, but the rest of them went off to watch movies.

it was a decently fun evening, reminded me of old times. i realize i get pissed when people just post a play by play of events of the day.... but i don't care. this is a big thing for me, considering i don't have a social life.
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On February 21st, 2004 05:36 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay commented:
i would highly recommend.

i don't think there was one straight male in that entire mall.
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On February 21st, 2004 10:05 pm (UTC), feachador replied:


*raises hand*

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On February 22nd, 2004 07:49 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
meh... you don't count. you were with us.
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