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it's funny in a sad way, really.... reading people's live journals. you watch their relationships commence.... and slowly crumble. you hear about fucked up shit that happens. you feel like you really get to know that person. it's even more odd when you're reading the journals of people you really do know. you have that tangible association. you can kinda predict what gonna happen. it's better than bad porn. ha!

i wish more people i know had ljs. it's make the world a funnier and generally more entertaining place to hear about all the bullshit drama that unfolds in the cultural wasteland that is south georgia. i feel sorry for the poor fuckers that still live there. well... not all of them. there are a few that should rot there and have their babies and live that oh so tantalizing life of white trash. there has to be someone there to keep the pot pie and pickled pigs feet companies alive.

my "webcam" (read mp3cd player) finally came in today. i was gonna use my bday money to buy a webcam but i didn't have enough for a good one... so i'm gonna wait a little while longer and continue to take piccys in the direct sunlight. i'm happy with it. i'll be able to entertain myself in those silent 4 hour art labs now. i can't do art work when it's almost dead fucking silent! what are they thinking?

school starts back on the 7th. and then i'm out the 17th-19th. i get 2 spring breaks! yay! maybe i'll actually do something sometime. like convince shawn to fix his car. so we can go out on our little adventures. i miss splashing around in tide pools and chasing crabs and playing on deserted playgrounds and walking through the woods at night and visiting random porn shops on chesire bridge and getting lost in eastpoint eventhough we kept going straight and somehow ended back up there ??? (all roads in atl lead to eastpoint (eastpoint=bad ghetto for the non atliens).

we have fun, shawn and i. we mesh well. i'm glad that looking outside of the shithole i grew up in paid off. i never could have found someone like him there. he's every single little thing i ever wanted in a guy. and there's a deep understanding between us about how things are. i think it's the similar childhoods.

we just don't agree about food. broccoli = teh aids and shawn just can't see that. he recognizes the godly powers of ice cream though.

i built a new layout for fun.... to kinda feed my need of making something pretty. it's here if you wanna check it out. it's very "camgirl" and it won't be replacing my current layout because i'm in love with the crab. and i'm in love with the guy that helped me make it because he's the cutiest cutie butt evar!!! (/sickening couple talk)

i like making fun of people that change their msn name to "you're the bestest pookie head and i love you so much *mwah* you're my perfect schmoopy" and shit like that. no one cares nor do they want to see that shit. everyone know how nauseating that is. i try not to only write about shawn. i know how monotonous it is. lots of chicks do that though, base their entire lives around one person. codependency must be a bitch.

i saw this cute little chick in this abercrombie and fitch-ish outfit in the elevator at school a while back. she turned her head and had this huge guage queen ear plug. it was odd. not odd as in "i'm a dumb sheltered little bitch from a small ass town and have never seen a piercing like that nor the juxtaposition of such different sub cultural ideals" kinda way.... but odd in a "i can't believe such a cute person has such an ugly piercing" kinda way. big floppy earlobes are not attractive to me. when you can fit a hand through something that used to be the size of a thumb nail there is something wrong.
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