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the story of my snow day, a picture entry (click pictures for bigger ones):

so, i wake up today, and look out of the french doors, and i see:

i am fucking overjoyed because the last time i saw snow was almost 15 years ago. (god, saying that made me feel old).

i decide that i want to go play in the snow... so we go outside, and i'm disappointed, because most of the snow is gone.

i just don't understand why they plant flowers in the winter. my apt complex is retarded.

i make my way to my car, because shawn tells me it's covered in snow.

(shawn took this at about 7am)

here's what my apt complex looks like covered in snow:

so, i piddle around and play with the snow on my car (since there's more on it than there is on the ground)

...and shawn hits me in the face with a snow ball.

...i am not happy about this, so i retaliate.

after most of the snow on the car is wasted, i decide that i want to make a snow man.... on top of my car.

NEVER ask two georgians to make a snow man, the results are very, very sad:

...great day!
Tags: apt, art school, bitching about the weather, boyfriends past and present, milkcarton!, pictures, snow!

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