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i just watched elephant, which is possibly the best movie i've seen so far this year. get your hands on a copy.

a lot of shit in there really hit home with me, if you wanna know what specifically, message me and i'll tell you.

it brought back this memory of highschool:

my school had this big open area where 4 of the hallways split off, where my friends and i always stood. i was in 11th grade. i was talking to blake and a few other people. someone ran out of the 9th grade hallway and yelled "HE'S GOT A GUN!!!!!"

now about 200 people ran past blake and i, we were facing the hall in question, and people were pouring around us.... running towards the hall with the kid that had the gun.

it was so surreal... standing there... and watching all the kids try to pack in the hall... i felt like a rock in a stream.

...i didn't run away... i just stood there... and after the inital rush of people, picked the conversation back up.

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