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i just looked down at my puter clock and was like "omg it's friday!"

where did the time go?

school starts in 3 days. i have conceptual thinking, layout, digital photographic production, and geometry to look forward to. i slept through geometry in highschool and still made an a. i heard digi photo is really expensive :( i haven't heard a damn thing about conceptual thinking or layout.

i go to school monday wednesday and friday. i'm gonna be pulling long days though. doesn't really bother me. the less breaks between classes i have, the less walking i have to do.

i was hoping that maybe we'd get shawn's car fixed before school started back. i suppose we won't.

oh well. that means i get to see more of him. when it gets fixed then he's gonna hafta get a job. but i suppose then i won't be all distracted and will actually get stuff done in time. ;)

i wanna make cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm jonesing. :( mmmm... cake....

i'm trying to eat healthier. lol ironic that i follow my cake lusting with that statement. but i really am. not only because i keep getting lectures about my dairy (and little else) consumption... i figure i'm gonna have to start doing it eventually or i'll end up like my grandma.

i have a headache. :(

...and i wanna clear something up for all the 12y/o virgin fucktards: chicks do not get pleasure from using tampons. it's a wad of dry cotton. it's not a good thing. i'm sure maybe some chicks do... but they're fucked up. like this one chick on the spf. she's all about menstruation for some odd reason. i don't think it's right.

i'm gonna stop because i'm just rambling.
Tags: art school, boyfriends past and present, car stuff, inconsiderate fucktards, plague

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