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this is very very tentative but....

i'm thinking maybe about paying a little visit to douglas. my 2nd spring break is the 17th-19th and i have some stuff i need to take care of down there (ie. dentist visit for teeth cleaning and getting the name of a good dentist in atl and see tina "the chick that cuts my hair" because she knows exactly what i want) and i miss durden and devin. and i need to get some stuff and give my mom back some stuff.

but i'm not sure. i feel bad about leaving shawn here alone for however many days. i doubt it'd be longer than 2. i'm sure 10 mins in douglas would catch me up on everything i've missed.

it really all depends on how this next week goes.

shawn and i are cleaning and might finally get to the point in unpacking where we can decorate tonight. we're dirty procrastinators. :)
Tags: boyfriends past and present, i live in filth, visiting south georgia

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