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i didn't get a fucking thing done today. i spend the ENTIRE day at shawn's mom's house doing... nothing. i laid around on the floor, i sat in the chair... i stole chocolate. i did nothing.

i wasted the entire fucking day. i'm so pissed. i wanted to get out by 9... 11 at the latest.... but we didn't leave until 2:30.

and shawn's mom wanted to see scat porn. do you have any fucking idea how awkward that was??!

...although her boyfriend got sick and had to run to the bathroom. that was fucking hilarious.

i have a headache. i feel shitty.

dear right nipple,
i pierced you 2 years ago. get the fuck over it. seriously, i'm tired of dealing with your bullshit. you need to learn to accept that you're going to have a piece of metal in you for a long time.
<3 alicia

oh! and hey, it's my birthday in 3 days. :\ argh. 3 more days to milk the cute teenage thing for all it's worth.
Tags: body modification, boyfriends past and present, girlyness, inconsiderate fucktards, plague

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