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just got done with my paper.

i actually broke 4 pages with it... oopsies. i wasn't quite done, because i'm good at pulling intelligent sounding things out of my ass, but i decided i should probably stop while i was ahead.

still dreading my bday tomorrow, and now eventhough i'm dreading it, i know it's going to be strangely anticlimactic. i'll officially turn 20 at 6:19p, right in the beginning of tim's class. argh, and talk about a shitty birthday, i have kayanna's class tomorrow. :\

thanks for all the birthday wishes in my comments, in my email, on my cellphone... blah blah blah... i feel all loved and shit. :)

instead of sleeping last night, i ended up riding around buckhead/midtown. since the bastards started making the clubs close at 2 instead of 4, there was nobody on the road. it was nice, and kinda freaky. i'm used to seeing the roads packed at all hours.

someone on the spf last night posted pictures of him and his friends exploring an old abandoned subway station in nyc. as if i needed even more reason to want to move there. it would be so fucking cool to do that! yeah, i'm pretty sure i'm gonna end up in nyc as opposed to la... let all the new englanders rejoice!

this weekend i'm going to the sunbelt printing expo over in the cobb galleria. i have no idea whether i'm going friday or saturday, i suppose it just depends on who i can con into going with me. i'm all excited about maybe being able to see a flexo press in action, as well as the myriad of binding and finishing machines. yes, i know i'm geeky... but as someone funnier than i once said: your laughter barely veils your bitter jealousy. :P
Tags: ai is full of fuckheads, art school, becoming an adult, friends, geekery

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