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i woke up today and thought it was sunday. i was really bummed…

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i woke up today and thought it was sunday. i was really bummed because i thought i'd be starting school tomorrow. then i checked my puter clock and was like "wtf??? it's only saturday!" my sense of time passage is seriously fucked.

shawn and i explored the north and south bound marta line today. from north springs all the way down to the airport. the north line is all decorated and pretty and newer trains run there. i feel some racism on marta. seriously... the south bound trains are old and ugly and smell like urine and the southern stations aren't nearly as pretty.

and it's so odd being the only white people on a train... even if a big deal isn't made about it.

the five points station is covered in little 1/2" x 1/2" orange tiles. and you can tell they're separate and had to be laid separately. i can't even fucking imagine having to do that.

for people outside of metro atlanta..... marta is a train and busline that serves as public transportation here. marta= metro atlanta rapid transit authority.

marta is not even rapid. well... compared to traffic at 5p it is.

all in all it was a fun little adventure. i had never been to the airport. i want to fly someday and go to europe so i can see all the shit shawn always tells me about. the entire ride he was telling me about the metro in prague. iv'e never even been out of the country. i wanna go.... but i'd settle for just the beach right now. :)

it's been pretty here. blue sky, not much wind, warm sun.... atl is nice when it's not the winter. 9 degree weather can suck my ass... i hate it. i'm not adapted to it at all.

the pollen is awful. i've had a killer headache for like 2 days. i need some excedrine. advil doesn't help at all.
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