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i feel shitty. my nose/throat/tummy all don't feel right. and the smell of bradford pear is somehow permeating the walls and snaking through my apt. this is not appetizing in the least.

i'm sure the lack of sleep isn't helping. i have no idea why i can't sleep at night, anymore.

last night i put on the nightmare before christmas dvd mom got me for xmas. i watched buton's early works (entertaining) watched the deleted scenes (because i'm all a fucking bout deleted scenes) and then started the movie... at 5:30a. i so expected to be asleep by the time it was over....

no such luck. i just... can't sleep.

i got a random present today. i have no idea who it's from. but... whoever you are, thnxies. :)

this buying shit for the car thing is a lot more stressful than i expected it to be. i fucking hate money, and no, i will not get over this seething hatred.

i want to swim. i want to not feel like ass. i want to spray that fucking tree down with febreeze.
Tags: car stuff, milkcarton!, money, plague, the terrible bradford pear

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