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i had two fucking bizarre dreams last night:

dream 1: there was a bit of sidewalk (two squares) surrounded by that weird roping off stuff that is in stuffy art a galleries, the kind with chrome posts with the red velvetish rops that swags between, in the the middle of a park. it was night and these three guys were flogging (i remember this word from my dream for some reason) a filing cabinet that was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk with 2x4s that each had one nail in the end. i think one of these guys was jens, the annoying german kid from school

dream 2: i was living with kelly (neonjellibean) and stile (yeah, the one from, and my old pekingnese was there, and stile had a fluffy little kitten. he was all hitting on kelly... and then she went to bed. and he came out and sat on this table, and i was laying on the floor eating cereal and was telling me that he needed to mail something on thursday at 9p and to not let him forget because it was extremely important. i promised that i wouldn't forget to remind him, and started watching the animals play. then he gave me the stack of papers he needed to mail...which was just some stuff that looked like it had been printed out from a website, and i asked him if thursday at 9 was right... and he got pissed off at me for forgetting, and i started crying, and he felt bad and hugged me.

....i really have no idea.
Tags: art school, friends, fucked up dreams, pets

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