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i spanked that advanced print production final's ass like a 4 y/o in big k.


i finished in under an hour and a half... and we had 3 hours to do it.

...dude, this monitor just flipped off and the cd rom drive popped out. o_O

before class there was a guy who's in his last quarter here.. i got into a long happy conversation with him while i was pretending to proofread. i actually did manage to proofread some.. but not a lot.

i learned a lot of stuff. was interesting conversation.

i'm waiting on kat and kelly to finish what they're doing so we can go out on the town.

kelly is actually moving up here in 2 weeks. w00t for her for getting out of conyers.

wow... this is like the most banal post ever. i'm really too o_O for deep thought at the moment. meh... i've been boring everyone with my random soul searching anyways..

...okay, sterling just came in here for a brief cameo. that was... odd.

argh.. my tummy is eating itself. ...must ....get
Tags: art school, friends

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