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random piddling in photoshop it's not great, not awful.

stile reset the spf a couple of nights ago... it's now the forum. the postwhoring has completely sucked in my brain. you now know why i've been ignoring everyone and not lj whoring.

the server is up, completely... shawn is hosting his domain on it, and a forum. i believe he wants to set up an email server on it as well.

i'm working on ftp and all that good stuff. because, i'm the one that wants to host people.

revelations from the don miller morning show:

  1. i really hate "a thing called love" by the darkness. in fact, i abhor it... though, fat kid's "i'm too drunk to do anything but lay on the floor and sing horribly off key" version of it is fucking hilarious

  2. weezer album coming out today. (i realize fiduch told me about this like a week ago, but i have the short term memory of an ADD ridden hampster)

oh... and cool is OVA!!!! (like an egg, muh fucka)

you best believe my ass is about to sleep like i'm being paid for it. amongst all this sleeping, i'm planning on adding some goodies to my webpage, because obviously i'm a masochist that just can't fucking stop coding.
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