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fuck you 99x.... stop playing that fucking "a thing called love"…

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fuck you 99x.... stop playing that fucking "a thing called love" song! it's bad. it has quickly surpassed the bradford pear trees as the new bane of my existance.

music midtown this year is shitty. gah... i'm holding out for warped tour. come on.... let warped tour be sweet this year. or fuck, just let some decent bands play the big rock. i have a car this year, damn fucking straight i'm taking advantage of a free concert every friday.

....yeah, living in the atl does have its perks.

although my car is still in a state of disrepair, i believe i'm still going to d this weekend. my mom wants to come pick me up tomorrow. this is good, as well as bad.

i have so many fucking people to visit. i just know it's going to be hectic like my last visit was.

i have to stay busy, if i'm not constantly doing something down there i just get depressed. because nothing is ever going on... and it's all slow and lethargic... and all i can do is think about stuff.

stuff to do while in douglas:

  1. eat candy until i never want to see chocolate again

  2. go swimming, even if a cold spell comes through and i catch pneumonia and die

  3. hang out with everyone

  4. go to my special place

  5. teach my mom how to use msn, so she can continue hitting on dolsen

  6. maybe do some shopping... i dunno...

  7. take fuckloads of pictures :D

i just finished my final site for mm115!!! i'm completely free until the 5th!!!!!!!!!

i actually need to do stuffs today.... so i believe i should stop wasting time.

...and fuck yes!!!! finally 99x breaks out the good music! (see current music)

you can't see it right now... but i'm so doing wiggly butt dancies in my chair.
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pissed off pissed off
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beck: new polution
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On March 24th, 2004 11:55 am (UTC), fuzzdecay commented:
i know you can't!!!! i keep my cam pointed away from me when i'm not on because i'm overly paranoid.
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