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when i came home from conceptual thinking some girl came up to me as she was walking down from her apt and asked me if this little fuzzy brown thing about the size of a golf ball was a bat because she's scared of bats. shawn came out and said that it was indeed a bat and she said she would call the front office and get them to move it.

i was scared they'd hurt the cute fuzzy little thing so shawn got a yard stick to scare it away. he touched it before it did anything. like it was groggy and kinda unresponsive... just made weak sounding little bat nosies and bit the yardstick after shawn accidently hit the poor thing in the head.

he got it to climb on the yardstick and he moved it to the ass tree (bradford pear). we came back out later and it wasn't there. i hope it's okay. we're thinking since they just sprayed the plants that it ate some pesticide laden insects.

it was so cute. i want something fuzzy to love..... besides shawn's head :)
Tags: art school, boyfriends past and present, happy, the terrible bradford pear

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